Best Gifts ideas for any
Gifts can be the make or break point in any relationship. A great gift can revitalize the relationship; whereas a badly planned gift can harm the relationship badly. Gifts are basically the reflection of your personality and interpretation of how you take the rapport with that certain person. There are various people who in spite of their intention of making other person happy with a good gift cannot buy a good gift. Cyber space is engulfed with the articles and tutorials about how to buy cheap gifts, how to buy gifts easily and stuff.  This article is a different attempt, and will shed light upon the ethical yet technical aspects of giving gifts.  Here are 3 tips to buy the “nearly perfect” gift.

1)      Kick out the gift purchase process by keeping the recipients personality in mind. If you are buying a gift for your cousin brother who happens to be an outdoor guy, buying him an active wear or pass to go carting will definitely be a far better idea than buying him an Xbox or play station.

2)      Secondly, keep the event in the mind. There are events which are too personal and nice gestures count a lot more than any other expensive gifts. For instance, it is ok to buy your husband an expensive wrist watch on his birthday, but for wedding anniversary price of gift would not count at all. For an event like wedding anniversary which is too personal for a couple, a personalized gift for him that will remind him the good and sweet old days. And if you are not so good in generating the ideas, use internet to get the personalized gift ideas.

3)      Last but never the least, gifts exchange is not about money but about your feelings and emotions. For years I would avoid giving gifts to my U.S based investment banker sister thinking she is too much into branded stuff and I am too cheap for him; until I sent her a bouquet and saw her crying with happiness on web cam. Also, giving gifts with some expectations of any reward or getting into somebody’s good books is very unethical.


To be precise, it is all about buying a gift apt to the person and situation, instead of brands and price. Keep the 3 points mentioned above in your mind and buy a kick-ass gift for your friends and family.